Tuesday, 3 December 2013


There's nothing like a deadline to get the creative juices flowing. With the looming of constant deadlines for each respective room in the house, my attention has been solely focused on design ideas.

Since I haven't yet covered the progress of the development and therefore the redecoration, I won't ruin the end result (I know you're all just dying of suspense)! However, here are a few of my favourite designers which I drew inspiration from:

Rory Dobner

New kid on the block, Rory Dobner is a gifted artist lending his quirky line drawings to a range of ceramics, prints and cushions including his signature alphabet tiles. Word has spread quickly and this edgy designer now has a collaboration with Fortnum & Mason and a concession at Liberty's. I adore his gothic style and particularly love the idea of using his striking tiles in kitchens and bathrooms. Admittedly, I've not been brave enough to try this myself due to our desire to keep the decor traditional to the period style of our property but have purchased some key decorative items including the parrot tile shown below which I have proudly on display and the cat monocle cushion which I gifted some dear friends for their wedding.

Timorous Beasties

A Glasgow institution, I would be surprised to find anyone in this city who isn't slightly obsessed with the edgy design duo. As far as West End interiors go, the use of their bold wallpapers as a feature wall is a little predictable perhaps (does anyone else remember the property developers/interior designers having a field day with Thistle print circa 2010?) but nonetheless the punchy designs show no signs of waning in popularity and I for one am a huge fan.

We're lucky enough to have the bird branch hand printed panels in a gold and power blue colourway which was only produced in small quantities. I'm planning to have these mounted on a large MDF board as a feature behind a large buffet console, the idea being that it can be moved to another room in future to act as a headboard, for example. I love the subtle aesthetic of this paper.


Primarily a kitchen and furniture manufacturer, Neptune also produces classic, elegant furnishings for the entire home. Number one on my 'love list' is their lighting section, having found it nigh on impossible to source attractive lighting for my kitchen and bathroom that didn't cost the earth.

Whilst, I'll admit that IKEA have some nifty solutions for those on a tight budget, I really wanted something different with maximum style and pizzazz. In terms of kitchen and dining, Neptune really nailed the look I envisaged with stunning fixtures using tactile fabrics such as linen and high glamour metals like polished nickel.


If you're a fan of the traditional look, Oka Direct are sure to have something to tempt you. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this retailer. Some of the pieces of furniture and wonderful and well worth the investment whilst others I find a little obscure and overpriced. My top pics are the 'Upton' console table;

and this 'Ananas' cushion from the Nicholas Haslam range for Oka. This design as an accent to Timorous Beasties Grand Thistle paper is a match made in heaven in my opinion. It adds an unexpected texture to the room which blends into the scheme without being too 'matchy matchy'.