Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas comes early!

I always love this time of year when due to the joys of internet shopping, parcels start arriving through the door only to be squirreled away, far from the prying eyes of their intended recipients. I'm very much of the view that it's rude not to indulge in the gift giving spirit by giving your home (and yourself) the gift of nice decor.

I searched high and low for a campaign or gueridon style table similar to the images below for the bathroom.

Traditional Bathroom by Bloomfield Hills Architects & Designers CBI Design Professionals, Inc.

I was delighted to turn up this gorgeous accordion table from none other than Urban Outfitters with an equally pleasing price tag of just £55 and was lucky enough to snag it with an additional 20% off! The downside is that on receipt, I've decided it's too nice for the bathroom so am using it in one of the reception rooms meantime. I will definitely need to purchase another one. Or two...Small occasional pieces like this are so versatile and it's lightweight design makes it easy to move around the home. I can see these doing a turn as bedsides, drinks tables and, who knows, one may end up in the bathroom yet!

Urban Outfitters Accordion Table

A slight peeve however is that the U.S. site has the same table in a fabulous burnished gold shade but unfortunately this colour option isn't currently available for U.K customers. Our spray painting skills may be put to use once again in order to achieve the same look.

(As above in gold)

My love of all things golden and shiny follows some logic. There was a trend a couple of years back for grey interiors with yellow accent furnishings. I'm sorry to say I never quite got over this combination but it was done to death, so in order to add a twist to this interior scheme, I have decided that gold in place of vibrant yellow works just as well and updates the look, adding a more sophisticated palette. Perhaps it's the magpie in me but I can't get enough of gold accessories at the moment, so imagine my joy to stumble across this Scandinavian style vase from Danish Brand 'House Doctor'. It may be small, but at only £14 it is a guilt free purchase which functions as an interesting objet d'art. I purchased mine from one of my favourite online stores, Rockett St George.

I also found these similar vases for sale on I love the colour and shape, though I'm not completely convinced by the drip effect. I think on balance, I prefer the simplicity of the House Doctor piece but with prices from £15, I may just purchase one to see how it looks in the flesh.